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air raids

My grandmother and mother were evacuated to Eldwick, near Bingley, West Yorks, but my Grandfather Stanley Binns(ex cavalry in WW1) stayed behind to help with the air raids as an air raid warden. He would never talk about his experiences though his expression used to tell it all. I have contributed to the memorial fund to honour his name. He was an ordinary working class hero who had nightmares from his experiences but did the job anyway - like many I suspect. I was born shortly after the war and remember my dad taking me to see the newly rebuilt Hammonds store. My gran lived in one of the infamous prefabs post war, whilst my son now lives in one of the quick build BISF houses - both buildings erected to replace the massive loss of housing during WW2. A bomb apparently just missed the house I brought my children up in, on Eastfield Road, according to an elderly neighbour now no longer alive - so I don't know much more about that. However, you can't go far in Hull without finding evidence of the terrible Blitz experienced by our wonderful city.

Submitted by: Lynne Emmerson

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