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Air Raids

I lived in the outer suburbs of Hull (Wold Road)and in doing so did not experience the horrors that the inner city residents experienced. Dad had converted our Anderson Shelter into a bedroom in which we slept throughout the Hull Blitz.

Whilst we slept Dad remained outside of the shelter on watch and I remember one night hearing shout "This ones for us" and he threw himself into the shelter then there was mighty bang as the bomb exploded about 100yds from us on Worcester Road. Another night he called us out to have a look at Doodle Bug which was flying just over our roof tops, this exploded very close to the Springhead Waterworks.

One other experience I recall was walking to school one morning and seeing the tail of a Sptfire sticking out of the upstairs window of a house on Wold Road, the only casualty was the pilot.

After a heavy raid my mother always made a point of visiting her parents on Hessle Road and we would see the devastation in the City as the bus wound it's way passed fallen buildings and fire hoses strewn across the streets.

Submitted by: George Woollons

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