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We would love to hear yor stories of of wartime Hull. We also want to know everything there is to know about our neighbours in Haltemprice, Holderness and Beverley and their wartime experience too. Please use this link to add your stories today.

Building an Archive for Hull

If you have any photographs, documents or diaries; we would love to be able to record them for future generations to share. Please, contact us today before you forget and another hero's story is lost for all time. Civilian or military; at home or abroad, volunteer or conscientious objector; we want to hear about them all.

If you prefer to send Your Story attached to an email, we can read almost any kind of document format. Our favourites are Microsoft Office, Open Office and Microsoft Works. Pictures may be sent in as jpegs, tiffs, gifs or any other format you wish. If we encounter any problems we will email you at the earliest possible opportunity.

Please note that, for obvious reasons, your story will be read, and may be edited, before being published on our site. Do not worry about spelling or grammatical errors; will will do our best to correct them on your behalf.