The original design of The Hull People's Memorial has, quite necessarily, had to evolve. The original open-leaf design had so many snags that the realisation of this concept design was truly impossible. The main reasons were;

  1. Safety: Imagine how the memorial would look to almost anyone aged 10 or under. Yes, its a climbing frame.

  2. Rubbish: How long would it be before the memorial became completely covered in paper, carrier bags and food wrappers caught on and between the leaves?

  3. Vandalism: Unfortunately we live in a time which lacks respect for most things. The open-leaf structure would lend itself all too easily a victim to mindless vandals and late night drunken revellers wanting to reach the peak.

Clearly, the memorial had to evolve to take all of these possibilities into consideration. While now the issues surrounding the design may seem quite obvious, we are extremely grateful to the advice we received from our City Planners who were extremely helpful in pointing out these and many other issues throughout the whole of the planning and design process.

We are almost always looking for new volunteers to join our team and the number of opportunities is amazing. We have had a lot of success in helping people who want to return to work to achieve their aims. We offer a wide range of on the job training in all kinds of areas; people skills, information technology, research, retail, interview techniques, how to complete a job application and even the maintenance and care of antique and modern weapons!

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