Made in Hull - Our Home-Made Ambitions

From the very earliest steps towards the construction of The Hull People's Memorial we had a very clearly defined ambition to have Hull running right through its core. To become the Hull People's memorial it had to be built in Hull; by the peopleof Hull, for the people of Hull. It Would be designed in Hull and paid for by the people of Hull. The company who would build the memorial had to have a true Hull pedigree - if we cut it in half the words Kingston upon Hull would be running right through the core.

We were so keen to see the people of Hull fund their own memorial that when we were initially offered an up-front lump sum from Hull City Council, we chose to turn them down. Oh how desperately we needed that cash, but it was much more important that we started the Memorial Fund using monies donated by the general public. We have had to work much harder than we might have, but the sense or achievement for the people is also much greater.

It was Charlotte and Catrin who first came up with the idea of using Campbells Engineering previously know as 'W. Campbells Engineering' but having recently evolved into 'Campbells Laser Product's. It Campbells Laser Products logowas quite a stroke of coincidence as my grandfather, Fred Hall - the one who started all of this back in the early 1960s, was a one-time buddy of the previous generation of Campbells, describing Mr Campbell as;

"... a thoroughly respectable and down to earth old fashioned gentleman."

I think they must have met up over a pint several times over the years as it was in the late 1960s that I met the family for the very first time. I have absolutely no viable memories of the occasion!

Brian Campbell, the current 'King of the Castle' at Campbells was quite proud to have been asked to join in and has been far more than helpful in leading us through the project. Brian is always keen to stress that he is;

"... doing this one for my parents who felt very strongly about the way that Hull was ignored during and after the Second World War."

and that is a sentiment that we all agree with up here in out 'north east town'.

Brian and his team are very well versed in creating memorial structures and their work includes the Lisset Memorial, the Hull Fishermen's Memorial and the Walk of Heroes in East Park, Kingston upon Hull. More examples are available on their web site.

Bought in Hull (ish)

We also made a decisis si on that, as far as is humanly possible, our gift shop would be stocked by suppliers from and around the city. This has turned out to be exceedingly difficult to achieve at times but we have worked hard at finding local manufacturers and/or suppliers. For example. although we could buy cheaper T-shirts by going abroad, we are happy to spend a little extra using local suppliers. There are advantages in buying local of course, in most cases we can order one-off designs, test new ideas with out suppliers and in doing so we are helping to support the local community.

The Book Shop

While it is absolutely necessary to source books from all over the UK, many of our suppliers and publishers are based within the County of Yorkshire. (I suppose that does something for our green credentials, but please do not quote me on what I do not understand.)

Even more importantly we are actively seeking out works by local authors so that we can add them to our shelves and we have even hosted a book launch or two in the Hull People's Memorial Exhibition Centre.

Self-publishing is a devilishly difficult and expensive business, undertaken more from love than for profit. We are quite well placed to advise anyone planning to self-publish;

  1. ... why not to bother.
  2. ... how to test the water.
  3. ... where to get them printed.
  4. ... how to get them on sale.

If you have anything locally produced that is suitable to be included in our gift or book shops just call in and talk to (Mrs) Chris on the till. You can also send her a messages from our Contacts Page.

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