Plans and Files

The following plans and files are not in chronological order but are dated. They show the development of the city centre and the relocation of The Hull People's Memorial as part of those plans. All of these plans and many more, including the latest updates, can be viewed at: The Guildhall, Alfred Gelder Street, Kingston upon Hull HU1 1AA.Beverley Gate and the entrance to Whitefriargate

  • We strongly recommend visiting the following link for a highly graphical and frequently updated representation of The Hull City Plan.

  • If you are a business considering opening a new premise in our amazing city, information about the Regeneration of Kingston upon Hull may be found on the City Council's own web pages.

RFM-11-DR-LA-0001-C2 (3.28 Mb pdf) shows where the Hull People's Memorial is to be constructed (note the square area in front of Toni & Guy's). The reason the memorial was moved to this area, at the suggestion of planners, was to prevent it from becoming a target for birds utilising the trees to undertake personal business! Once again, the experience of The City planners comes to our help.

RF14-216-11-PS01-01 (2.27Mb jpeg) is a historical location plan which was 'frowned upon' by members of a pre-planning meeting for the reason discussed above in the text for drawing RFM-11-DR-LA-0001-C2.

RF14-216-11-PS03-01 (570Kb jpeg) a low resolution zoomed-in image of drawing RF14-216-11-PS01-01, above.

RFM-11-DR-LA-8002-T1 (1.8Mb pdf) This interesting plan shows the original paving plan for the area around the People's Memorial. Unfortunately this scheme came in at a cost of £60,000 for the paving alone. The cutting-in of metallic information plates would have added even more expense. Although we could have tried to raise extra funds, around £120,000 in total, the planning department pointed out that any of the utility companies could come along and 'vandalise' the site in their own special way. Thanks for yet another invaluable tip!

RFM-12-DR-LA-0003-C2 (1.14Mb pdf) is a plan of the area including the Prudential Tower site.

RFM-12-DR-LA-0003-T2 (1.06Mb pdf) shows the area around the top of Paragon and King Edward Streets, covering the same area as RFM-12-DR-LA-0003-C2, above.

RFM-12-DR-LA-0001-T3 (3.77Mb pdf) is more centrally focussed on Queen Victoria Square and shows the location of the rejected 'Shadowgate' which was clearing not wanted in this area by the people of the city. Interestingly, the Beverley Gate excavation is not shown on this plan although it has been decided by people power than the excavation will be retained.

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