Selecting a Design

Having decided to build a memorial the next step would be to to make some decisions as to what it should look like. Having thought long and hard about what to call the people's memorial Jonathan's 'Prudential Tower' design - click to open a description in a new pageit seems so glaringly obvious now that we should settle for The Hull People's Memorial. "Simples!" So, what should it look like?

We (Jonathan Grobler, Charles Dinsdale and Alan Brigham) set about creating a few rules for the design over a glass of cider in The Griffin, where many decisions relating to the memorial were made. Before we even took our first sip sitting down, Jonathan hatched an incredible idea;

"Why don't we re-build a scaled-down version of the Prudential Tower where it originally stood?"

While the idea was good, very good in fact, we were building a People's Memorial not a Jonathan's Memorial so as good a concept as it was, it was filed away safely for future consideration. Please click on the above image to open an explanation of the tower. A free pdf reader may be downloaded from the Adobe web site.

The Rules

We were all in full agreement that the memorial should not include any military or religious elements. The People's Memorial would be a memorial for the people who lived through the air raids of World War One and World War Two. We did not want any search lights, anti-aircraft guns (AA) or anything even remotely similar. We did not want a cross. Kingston upon Hull is and has always been a multicultural cultural city. We had residents and defenders from all over the world, including even Germany! Religious identity was exclusive and immediately ruled out. At this point the influence of the cider on a hot summer's day meant that making any further decision would be postponed until the following day. Having just two rules kept life simple for everyone, especially ourselves.

Design Vetting

Having appealed to the public we received a number of submission for the design of the memorial, but none really hit the mark. Why?

  1. A large cross on a .... Rule 2
  2. A figure wearing a Warden's Uniform. Rule 1
  3. A member of the WRAC using a Range Finder surrounded by AA guns. Rule 1
  4. A circle of searchlights standing on a ... Rule 1
  5. A family of figures holding and pointing a cross up to the heavens. Rule 1
  6. Jonathan's Prudential Tower design. Green Tick

We needed more if we were going to ask The People to choose so, as a retired Hull College lecturer, where better to turn than the award-winning Hull School of Art & Design (HSAD). Having met with the members of a second year degree course, a number of designs were successfully offered and two volunteers came forward to work with us on the project; Charlotte Raywood and Catrin James.

Between us we settled on four finalists to present to the public and over the next two years collected votes at outdoor and indoor events, online and through the local media. Unfortunately for John, his design only made it into second place, all be it the favourite design of the under 25s. The winner, as you will already have realised, was Charlotte and Catrin's design, a massive favourite of those in the over 50 age group. With the one design taking well over 50% of the votes, we had a very clear winner.

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