About Us

All members of the Hull People's Memorial team are volunteers. Volunteers unlike most others you may encounter in other charities in that they do not receive any benefits, apart from a constant supply of tea (if they make it themselves)! No one receives any form of payment; in cash, in kind or as expenses. Even if a member of the public makes a gift to any of the volunteers, that gift goes straight into the Memorial Fund!

The Volunteers
Alan Chris Leighanne Ryan
Alan Chris Leighanne Rian

Treasurer & Buyer

Trustee Weapons Expert
John Jonathan Ian Barbara
John Jonathon Ian Rutherford Barbara
Belgium Team Maritime Research Military Research Focus Research
Frank Brian Daniel Tom
Frank Ruderford Brian Daniel Tom
Exhibits & Displays Battlefields Guide Research Assistant Family Historian
Stevie Brian Steve Judi
Stevie Andrews



  Judi Galloway
Weapons Team Museum Guide Theatrical Team Displays Artist