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Hull at War Part 1 The Blitz Hull at War Part 2 Beginning of The End
Hull at War part 1 A moving account of Kingston upon Hull during the bombings of World War Two. Hull at War part 2 A story of the courage and determination dedicated of the people of Hull.
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There is a War on You Know

Yorkshire at War

There is a waron you know DVD cover

A series of interviews which reveal the memories of the children of the Sculcoates area of Kingston upon Hull during the second World War.

Using rare archive footage brought together for the first time, join us as we explore the history of Yorkshire at War.

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Hull Bygone Days Volume 1 Hull Bygone Days Volume 2

Cover of Hull Bygones DVD Volume 1

Nostalgia at its best: this is the city of Hull as seen through the eyes of the movie makers of our yesteryears.

Cover of Hull Bygones DVD Volume 2

Volume Two contains some of the rarest and most spectacular images from Hull's past.

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The Hull Story

Charlie Board

Hull Story DVD

Join us for a journey through time tracing the origin of Hull from the Monks of Meaux to modern times.

Charlie Board - Trawler Spy

Charlie was just one of many Hull sailors recruited to 'spy' on foreign military vessels during the Cold War Years.

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Trawler Towns - Hull and Grimsby Coventry at War

Trawler Towns - Hull and Grimsby

The story of two rival fishing ports with a shared maritime heritage.

Coventry at War

The bombing of Coventry is revealed using original wartime footage.

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The Glasgow Story The Manchester Blitz

The Glasgow Story

Discover the story of Glasgow through the medium of rare, historic and often exclusive film.

The Manchester Blitz

A rare opportunity to explore the suffering of one of the most targetted northern cities.

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The Sheffield Story Sheffield at War

There is a whole lot more to Sheffield than cultery and steel. Includes much unique footage.

Sheffield at War

Shefield's wartime activities were many, making it a very clear target for the German Luftwaffe.

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